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Machine Learning Engineers

How we work

1. Building the future requires an inspiring vision

We listen to understand and ask lots of questions to make sure we have every little detail down.

2. A vision without a plan is just a dream

Project management starts at the first meeting and planning start straight away. Where are the priorities? What is within budget? And what are the expected results?

3. Skilled engineers — the dream team

We trust our people to work together to get the job done and ask for help and feedback accordingly. 

4. Commitment to open honest communication

Demonstrated progress keeps everyone aligned and on track, moving the project forward. Expect to hear from us regularly to get your insights.

5. We believe in you

If we work with you, we believe in you. We take on your vision and commit 100% of ourselves to making it happen.

Experience a new age of intelligence

Natural language processing (NLP) allows us to process far more information than ever before. Documents and text contains context, using cutting edge machine learning techniques, we can not only extract useful information but start to reason with it as well.

Automating complex processes lets us make data driven decisions faster — allowing us to stay on top of the information overload and keeps us focusing on what truly matters.

Do you know how NLP can change your life?

Our Approach

We are data driven. Decisions are made based on data, often user data. What do your users want? What do your users value? How will this feature save time or make people more productive? Expect us to ask these questions continuously, iterate as needed and work in an agile way.

Our Mission

Every company should be a data company but also, every company should be an NLP company. We are on a mission to make sure companies collect and use rich forms of data, efficiently.

Our Vision

We like to think big and reach for the stars. This means we might not reach the stars but you won’t find us on the ground either. As we innovate, we quickly take off, validate assumptions, correct course and get the right people involved to continue flying.

We value innovation, integrity and growth. 

Neri Van Otten

Neri Van Otten


Machine learning expert, software engineer, technical mentor, author & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping your AI project succeed.