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We help you gain a deeper understanding of your unstructured data.

We follow these simple steps:

1. Data and AI audit — we analyse what you have.

2. Create a concrete action plan.

3. You start benefiting from our solutions within days/weeks, not months.


86-92 Paul Street
London, UK

Antwerp, Belgium


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European based natural language processing (NLP) experts building the future through automating unstructured document processing.

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Free eBook

Designing and building data science solutions

This book contains two frameworks designed to make your projects succeed.

1. How to define success — increase impact, reduce risk
We all know data science projects come with a certain amount of uncertainty, but this crucial first step will set you up for success.

2. Step-by-step guide — how to design and execute a successful plan
This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire procedure. Keeping you within time/budget while delivering the planned results

We have open-sourced this book about our methodology so that more people could benefit and have impactful data science projects.

Please contact us for your personalised plan.

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