Smart Products With NLP Innovation

Process Automation

Making your current process more efficient is where machine learning really shines.

It doesn’t have to be hard, start with the easy wins!

Machine Learning

Knowing how machine learning works is no longer a niche skill set. Current leaders will be replaced by future leaders who understand these trends.

Join the AI literate, be a future leader.

Software development

Machine learning engineers know how to deploy, scale and maintain solutions in a production environment.

Keeping applications up to date and responsive in an ever changing world.

Research & Development

Deciding what projects to work on and how many resources to commit to it is often the most difficult task of all.

You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.

Our Products

We provide a real time machine learning API service that parse, extract & classify your data. We have also developed several ready to use user-friendly platforms that run our core technology.


Document/Text Processing API


The Doc Hawk - AI platform for legal professionals


Ubequitas Intelligence - AI platform for data architects

Custom Collaborations

We specialise in natural language processing (NLP) solutions and partner with you to accelerate the delivery of your complex solutions in a production environment.


Deep learning & NLP expertise


Proper software development & scaling in a production environment


Experienced & efficient project management

Our product

Document Processing API

Trained machine learning models understand context in language to extract useful information. Unstructured document are turned into structured information, ready to use or to be plugged into analytical software for further analysis.

The models are retrained every time new data is ingested so that the results always remain relevant.


Real-time API parsing documents


Machine learning models automatically updated

AI for legal

The Doc Hawk

The Doc Hawk is an AI driven, user-friendly and fully customisable platform, designed to allow legal document users to automatically analyse, classify and extract static data. Creating a smart management database ready to provide accurate data analysis in a single click.


Made by legal professionals for legal professionals


An AI assistant that knows what you need

doc hawk logo

Ai for data exploration

Ubequitas Intelligence

Ubequitas Intelligence is an AI platform that can navigate through systems, documents and APIs to create metadata and blueprints swiftly.


Made by architects for architects


An AI system that sifts through your data sources

Combining information

Knowledge Graphs

Documents and text contain context, this allows us to combine information and make informed decisions. Several sources can be combined into a single knowledge graph that we can then be queried to answer business questions.

Decrease your uncertainty by utilising all the information you posses and making informed business decisions.


Unstructured data to structured data


Find the right information instantaneously

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