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Turn unstructured data into insights

Research & Development

Innovation is the key to advancement. Modern NLP will change the way you work or optimise existing processes.

Software development

Our applications scale with your data. We care about software design, security, user experience and testing.

Deep Learning

Tomorrow’s leaders will understand AI and be able to use it effectively. We share our expertise, so follow our blog to keep learning about NLP and deep learning.

Process Automation

Optimise your existing processes so that you can continue to focus on what you do best.

the importance of nlp

80% of the worlds data is

in unstructured formats

This includes things like emails, social media posts, PDF documents, audio and video files. While this type of data can be incredibly valuable for gaining insights and making decisions, it is often difficult to analyze and understand.

Natural language processing is here to help

Turn Your Data Into Insights

Our cutting-edge technology uses natural language processing to transform your unstructured data into actionable insights, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers, competitors, and industry.  With our easy-to-use API or platform, you can quickly and easily extract valuable information from text, social media, customer reviews, and more. 

Your Data Is Gold

Data is your most valuable resource; use it well.

Natural Language Processing

Never read another document.
NLP will do it for you.

Data Driven Decisions

Stop guessing and start making informed decisions with your data.

Natural language processing experts

Products & Services

Document & Text Processing API

Our deep learning systems understand language, structures and relationships between elements. This allows them to accurately extract nearly anything.

Document Processing Platform

Our specialised platforms are designed with one simple use case in mind. This keeps the UI simple and easy to work with for everybody. 

Data Modelling

In order to extract data accurately, we use state-of-the-art modelling techniques. So even when your document’s format change our models continue to work

NLP Consulting

We evaluate what you already have, design, and implement a roadmap to give you the innovative edge you require to remain on top.

Deep Learning Expertise

We share our knowledge, so stay up to date with the newest techniques by following along on our blog. Our content will make you a pro in no time.

Self-learning Systems

All of our systems are built so that they automatically learn from new information as it comes in. This means our models are never outdated. 

Client Testimonial

I have been using Spot Intelligence’s platform, The Doc Hawk, for the past year, and it has been a game changer for me.

I was constantly being bothered by other departments for reports. Being the “data guy” was taking up a significant amount of my time. Now I’m able to focus on my role.

I have even been able to get other departments to use it.



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