Extract Text From PDFs & Images

Online tool with first grade OCR, multiple lanuages and table, form & receipt extraction.

Unlock The Value In Your Data

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First Grade Security

Your documents belong to you. We follow the ISO 27001 standards to keep your data safe.

Extract Text, Tables & Forms

Turn unstructured documents like PDFs and images into structured content ready for further analysis.

Images and scanned documents

OCR technology that simply works

Cutting-edge technology with advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software to accurately extract text from PDFs and images.

Whether you need to extract text from a scanned document, a screenshot, or even a photograph, we can handle it all.

Multilingual Extraction

Extract text from documents effortlessly with advanced native OCR support in:

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
and Portuguese

Looking for other languages?
Contact us for a personalised solution.


Anna C.

For a marketing project I had to consolidate user feedback. The extractions where excellent and I could get started straight away. Simple and effective.

Michael T.

I had to extract financial data in multiple languages. I used the English, French, German, and Spanish options which where better than the english only services I tried.

Document Types

Extract text from PDF, PNG & JPEG

Forms, tables and text are extracted correctly and without losing their structure making it easy to interpret and process your results.

Form Extraction

Do you have filled out forms? Simply submit them for extraction and get the required fields.

Table Extraction

Tables often contain the most useful information, with our table extraction feature this data is automatically extracted.

Receipt Extraction

Structured documents like receipts are easily extracted to simplify your accounting.

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Free Parsing Credits

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Mobile and desktop online application

Intuitive easy to use platform

Use AI to save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually typing out text.

Our OCR software is highly accurate, ensuring that you get the most precise and error-free results possible.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Simply upload your PDF or image, and our software will do the rest. You can even choose from a variety of output formats, including plain text, csv, and json.

Try our service today and see for yourself how easy and efficient extracting text can be!

Machine learning custom extraction

In need of more than just extraction?

We are natural language processing experts and specialise in smart extraction. Our machine learning models are accurate and cover a wide range of use cases..

Custom extractions can be integrated with your existing systems via our API.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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